git: error: insufficient permission for adding an object to repository database ./objects

1 minute read

While this error may be caused by your permissions on the remote git repository, it may have other causes as well. Here what you should try:

Fix Permissions

On Linux, execute this:

cd /path/to/repo.git
chgrp -R groupname .
chmod -R g+rwX .
find . -type d -exec chmod g+s '{}' +

On windows, make sure you can access the remote folder and it is shared. Right click to folder > Properties > Sharing > Advanced > Permissions and make sure the user is there. If you don’t mind security and work in local network, you can have Everybody for Full Control.

Fix Git Repo

Your git repository may not be shared at all. You can do it by executing:

git config core.sharedRepository true

Another problem would be that your git repo is corrupted. To fix this, execute the following commands on both your local and remote repositories.

git fsck
git prune
git repack
git fsck

None of them worked?

None worked for my case. I copied the remote, bare repository into another folder, shared this folder and added it in my remote repositories in my local. When I pushed to upstream, voila! It worked! Then I renamed it to original name.

I have no idea what went wrong there and how copying helped, but it may help your cause as well.